Glossary of Korean Words and Phrases Used in Adoration of the Korean



Ajumma – a married woman


Ajumma, maekju duh chuseo – “married woman waitress, another beer please”


Ani - no


Anju – appetizers commonly served with alcohol


Anyounghaseyo – hello


Babo - stupid


Baramdungee - playboy


Bbang - bakery


Bondegee – boiled silkworm chrysalis, eaten as a snack


Boshingtang – dog soup


Camp Hieleah – an American military base in Pusan


Chejudo – a volcanic island, Korea’s biggest island and a popular vacation spot


Chirisan – a mountain and national park in Chunllanamdo province in the southwest of Korea


Chop chae – rice noodles with beef, mushrooms, and vegetables


Choupdong – a neighborhood in Pusan, South Korea; location of U.S. Army Camp Hieleah


Chusok – Korean thanksgiving holiday in the fall


Gatchie – a common bird in Korea; a magpie


Gochu twigim – fried stuffed pepper


Godong – tiny spiral-shaped seashells boiled and eaten as a snack


Guge salmiji – “that’s life” or “c’est la vie”


Hallasan – the volcanic mountain that formed Chejudo


Hangul – the Korean alphabet


Hagwon – an institute or special private test or language prep school; similar to the Japanese “Juku”


Jangjundong – the neighborhood around Pusan National University


Kalbi tang – soup with beef ribs


Kim – dried seaweed, usually eaten with rice


Kimchi – pickled cabbage with red pepper, the Korean national food


Kojengee Yankee –  big-nosed American; an insult


Komapsupnida – thank you


Kwanganli – a popular beach in Pusan, South Korea


Kyoungsangnamdo – a province in southeastern South Korea where Pusan is located


Longdari – slang term for “long legs”


Maekju – beer


Matshiseyo - delicious


Mikugsaram - American


Nakji – small octopus, often eaten alive


Nanun hagwon gangsa imnida – “I am an institute teacher”


Nuna – big sister


Odeasan – a mountain and national park in the north of South Korea


Ojinga - squid


Oorak – a species of edible fish


Pajon – a pancake with scallions


Pancheon – a side dish commonly served with Korean meals


Sarang-he – I love you


Shihum giok – examination hell; the grueling university entrance examination experience


Shortdari – slang term for “short legs”


Sick sa ha shut seub mi kga – “Have you eaten breakfast yet?”


Soju – a popular strong and clear alcoholic beverage brewed from potatoes


Soraksan – a beautiful mountain and national park in northeast South Korea


Weiguksaram - foreigner


Won – Korean money: 1300 won = 1 dollar U.S. in October 2001


Yogwan – a small inn where patrons often sleep on floor mattresses