Korean Cowboy Wings


By Andrew Lawrence Crown


Copyright © Andrew Lawrence Crown, 2006. All rights reserved.


Standing atop

And peering down

A Geumjoungsan cliff wall

Straddling an ancient crevice

Hollowed out by wind and rain

Centuries ago, or was it longer than that

Boulders down below

Strewn across the valley floor

To remind us of the history of gravity


I lean out an inch too far

Tired from the climb I waver

Tulsa Jodi football tall and strong

Grabs my shirt collar

Pulls me back

“Careful cowboy You ain't got no wings”


The thin pleasant girl giggles and smiles

Rummages through her backpack purse

Fearless of heights

And finally she finds the Tupperware

With the maki rolls inside

“Darling” she says as she pops a section

 into my mouth

“Whatever on earth is wings?”